Michael Jackson Estate SettlesWar with Thriller 'Date'

Norlens Wales | 2:32 AM |

Michael Jackson's Estate has finally settled its beef with the girl who played MJ's date in the
famed "Thriller" video -- three years after she filed her lawsuit.
Nolniz broke the story ... Ola
Ray sued MJ and his production company in May 2009 -- the month before Jackson died --
claiming she hadn't been paid royalties from the legendary 1983 music video. The former Playboy Playmate sued for breach of contract, insisting she was still owed a massive chunk
of "Thriller" profits. We don't know how much the Estate settled for -- but from what we can gather, Ola got something."Thriller" director John Landis has filed a similar lawsuit against the Estate. We're told both sides are still trying to negotiate a settlement.


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