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As a way of Contributing to the fast growing Bongo Flava Music industry also known as Bongo Fleva, Nolniz delivers spanking new Tanzanian Musics Hits, Videos and Music Concert/Event to Tanzanians and music lovers all over the World. We share the tunes that we think y'all gone love. 

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In our daily base, we receive various kinds of Music & Videos from numerous record labels, publicists, artists, and producers for posting . In such cases you or someone else finds an intellectual property or other rights that have been infringed by our online services, kindly email us at nolniz @ yahoo dot com with subject “Attention: CopyRight Infringement” and we’ll gladly respond to it ASAP. 

  • Identify the copyrighted work that allegedly has been infringed. If multiple copyrighted works are found on this Site, please provide a list of the links for easy take down processing.
  • Describe the material that is claimed to be infringing and provide sufficient information to permit nolniz.net admin to locate that material.
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Please be aware that before the complainant(s) allege an infringement, He/She should consult copyright materials to confirm that the use is, in fact, infringing.
The United States Copyright Office provides basic information, online, at https://www.loc.gov/copyright/circs/circ1.html, which can assist one in determining whether an exception or defense, such as fair use, may apply to the use of your copyrighted work.