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I think you all are not familiar Facebook Clickjacking, So today i'm post an interest and informative article on Facebook Clickjacking. As you all know Facebook is No.1 social networking site and is growing at amazing speed. Thousands of people are joining it daily for social connection. The Facebook is also not far from the hackers as well. Hackers
and Spammers always try to create some virus to discomfort other users. Clickjacking is one of them. As the name says Clickjacking is some
virus or we can say a script hack which forces the user to click on a particular link, website or Facebook page.
If we look into the history of Facebook then it has been facing these type of problems since last few years. If you are old user of Facebook then you must be familiar with Clickjacking
attack which attacked Facebook is
2010. Hundreds of thousands of Facebook users
became victim of the attack. This was also
named as Like jacking Spam, because it was
created to force the people to like the Facebook pages. This was created by hacker to get likes for their pages. This attack was first reported by

What is Clickjacking AttacK:

As name suggest its script or way that forces user to click on the particular link or Facebook Page. When it was created firstly then within few hours of its creation, Thousands Facebook
users were victim of it.

How it works:

In the Clickjacking attack, attacker sends you some kind of interesting video or status update and asks you to follow the link. When you do the same, then you become the victim of Facebook.
Actually these type of status messages are such that you will be eager to know that what is on the other side of link. If you are not an
advanced internet user then chances are pretty much higher than you are going to follow the
When you will follow the link then the same message will be updates as your status automatically. Now suppose you have 200 friends out of which 100 are going to follow the link, and they all have also 200 friends as well,
then you can easily estimate that how fast the
process can go.
In 2010 the purpose of this type of worm was to get fast likes for their pages and it worked as well as some of the page owners were able to get hundreds of thousands likes for their pages.

How to Detect:

Well, there is not any trick behind it and all you can do is the careful use of Facebook. Try to identify that kind of spamming videos. The best
solution here is awareness only as there is not any software or application there which is going
to help you in this matter. The other solution is to use Facebook is secure
protocol https:// and do not add any stranger to your id, because who knows that stranger may be spammer. While using Facebook try to keep
away from following external links and before
opening any external link first check them in
the new browser's tab. In short words,
Awareness is safety here.


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