Breaking News gets a TV app, channel-agnostic news ticker

Norlens Wales | 7:22 PM |

Do you ever wish you could have a news ticker
on your TV, regardless of what channel you're
watching? Neither do we really, but we're sure
there's someone out there who does. If that
person also happens to own a Samsung Smart TV
or Blu-ray player, well then, have we got some
Breaking News for you. (See what we did there?)
The premiere, primarily Twitter-based news
aggregation service Breaking News now has an
app in the Samsung TV Apps Store. Just install
it, launch it and enjoy while breaking headlines
are fed to your screen, regardless of what you're
watching. You've even got the option to have a
constant stream of headlines or only alerts for
seriously breaking news. Fire up the Apps Store
to download it now.


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