Badoo Hires Google Exec Ben Ling As New COO To Push Its Platforms And US Growth

Norlens Wales | 6:12 PM |

Dating/meeting-people site Badoo has been putting together a 147 million registered user base over the last six years, with a huge run on Facebook helping it to reach around the world
last year. And today, it follows up on the
momentum with a key hire. It has appointed long-
time Google executive Benjamin Ling as chief operating office to help push it out across mobile and Web platforms.
He'll oversee product, engineering business operations, partnerships and corporate development.
Badoo has been best known for
expanding into emerging markets like Russia and Brazil but it's now growing in the US where it already has eight million users.
Ling joins Badoo from Google, where he was product management director of Search Products and Local Business Products. His tenure at that company spanned roles including Google's
search, commerce and Local Business products, to Google's Commerce products, to senior roles at
YouTube. He also had a brief stint helping to lead
Facebook's developer platform in the early days.
Ling will begin his new role at Badoo in May,
based at its London headquarters.


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